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  • Blue Voyage GoTürkiye

    Türkiye is home to many travel routes where nature and history dance together. With its wind-rich regions, unique bays, sheltered marinas, coastal towns, and unique history, Türkiye’s waters welcome both those planning sailboat holidays and amateur sailors looking to develop their maritime abilities. Türkiye is looking to make a significant breakthrough in the industry by providing exclusive blue cruise opportunities with its unique routes and stellar infrastructure. The international sailing events that bring a stop to maritime traffic in the Bosphorus are testimony to the importance Türkiye places on sailing enthusiasts. Our country has numerous beautiful bays and beaches, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. In addition to its natural beauty, Türkiye offers an abundance of social and sporting activities both at sea and on land These waterfront stops offer a rich variety of activities and adventures for people of all ages and tastes.